Mr Bean Entertainments operates using the following Terms and Conditions (see below). Please ensure that you have read these before confirming a booking or agreeing to represent Mr Bean Entertainments. If you need anything clarifying or have any questions feel free to contact us.

If you do not understand any part of these ‘Terms and Conditions’ please call Mr Bean Entertainments or seek legal advice prior to confirming a booking and agreeing to them.

Once a booking has been confirmed with the ‘client’ and Mr Bean Entertainments VERBALLY, ELECTRONICALLY or in WRITING, both parties will be subject to a legally binding contract consisting of the ‘Booking Contract’ and the following non-negotiable ‘Terms and Conditions’. Non-return or non-completion of the ‘Booking Contract’ does not terminate the agreement.


  1. The ‘Booking Contract’ may be modified with agreement from all parties concerned. Where necessary the ‘Booking Contract’ may be altered
  2. The booking deposit is due immediately unless specified otherwise in the ‘Booking Contract’, the remaining balance should be paid before the event or upon arrival.
  3. If the booking deposit has not been received within the allotted time (7 days) this may be perceived as a breach of contract and free the ‘artist’ from contractual ties. However, the ‘client’ will still be accountable and remain liable for the booking deposit.
  4. Failure to pay Mr Bean Entertainments the remaining balance within the terms agreed in the ‘Booking Contract’ will automatically result in a late payment administration fee of £25 being charged to the ‘client’ by Mr Bean Entertainments. This payment will be added to the outstanding balance and should be paid within 7 days. For every 7 days thereafter, and to a maximum of 14 days, a further £25 shall be added to the outstanding amount. In addition, if a cheque paid to Mr Bean Entertainments does not clear (i.e. it ‘bounces’), these charges shall also become applicable, plus, any costs incurred by the ‘agents’ bank for handling and administration.
  5. Where the outstanding balance has not been paid within 14 days, the amount may be sought via legal processes or referred to a debt recovery agency by Mr Bean Entertainments.
  6. The contract is not cancellable without consent from both you and Mr Bean Entertainments, or unless a situation arises which would be covered by the standard force majeure clause. The force majeure clause from the contract states:“In cases of ‘Force Majeure’ (which shall be known as war, fire, death, illness or other capacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, national calamity, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in law, foreign government policy, act of God), which are not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by Mr Bean Entertainments or ‘client’, then Mr Bean Entertainments or ‘client’ may cancel this booking without penalty other than loss of deposit.”In laymen’s terms, this means that unless the staff member from or acting on behalf of Mr Bean Entertainments dies, is seriously ill, or has an accident travelling to your event (and if non of the above are attributable to them failing to take preventative action) they can’t cancel your booking without being in breech of contract; for which you could sue them for substantial damages.Calculation of cancellation fees works as follows:

    i. If you cancel after 24 hours of placing your booking and up to 3 months before the event, loss of 100% deposit;
    ii. Within 3 months but before 2 months from the event, loss 100%of deposit and 25% of remaining fee;
    iii. Within 1 month of the event, loss of 100% deposit and 100% of the remaining balance would be due to Mr Bean Entertainments.

    You can pay your deposit by BACS, Bank transfer, Cheque or card payment over the phone.

  7. The ‘client’ must ensure that the performance venue is able to provide a safe source of power, a safe performance area, and that they can accommodate the performance of the ‘artist’ by possessing appropriate licenses and no inhibiting noise limiters. If non-performance or a below par performance results due to venue restrictions, the ‘client’ will still be liable for the total fees.The ‘client’ should ensure these requirements are investigated prior to the confirmation of any booking and any relevant information disclosed to Mr Bean Entertainments.

    Furthermore, it is also the responsibility of the ‘client’ to ensure that any person(s) sent by Mr Bean Entertainments is provided with free parking facilities at the performance venue for all vehicles associated with their act. Should no free parking be available the ‘client’ is liable for any parking charges incurred.

    It is also the ‘clients’ duty to ensure that any person(s) sent by Mr Bean Entertainments is provided with adequate refreshments throughout their stay at the performance venue. The minimum that must be made available is a free unlimited supply of mineral water and soft drinks and a hot meal or buffet for all members of the act and their party. Whilst the hot meal or buffet is negotiable for events of 3 hours duration or less, mineral water and soft drinks should always be provided.

  8. The ‘client’ must also ensure that there is an adequate area for the ‘artist’ to change in and store equipment and / or instrument cases. The area should preferably be lockable and include chairs for the entire party and a safe source of power.Unless given express permission, ‘artist’ equipment and instruments are not available for use by any other person.
  9. If an ‘artist’ is subjected to aggressive or abusive behaviour and the ‘client’ does not remove the perpetrator the ‘artist’ shall be allowed to terminate their performance without penalty. The ‘client’ will still be liable for the total fees.
  10. The required elements within the above clause must be provided by the ‘client’ at their own expense and if not supplied may be considered a breach of contract. Provisions outlined in are negotiable between the ‘client’ and Mr Bean Entertainments, but any modifications should be noted into the ‘Booking Contract’ specifically.
  11. The ‘artist’ will perform for the ‘client’ to their highest standard and in the manner in which they have represented by Mr Bean Entertainments.
  12. Unless specifically outlined in the ‘Booking Contract’, the ‘artist’ should provide the relevant equipment in order to carry out the performance. The ‘artist’ is responsible for the good working order and safety of their own equipment. This should be reflected by acts using electrical equipment having it PAT tested annually. In addition, the ‘artist’ should undertake Public Liability Insurance (to a minimum of £1,000,000 cover). The ‘artist’ is fully responsible for these matters.
  13. The fee outlined in the ‘Booking Contract’ and provided to Mr Bean Entertainments by the ‘artist’ is fully inclusive and not subject to change. In addition, the ‘artist’ is not employed by Mr Bean Entertainments and is therefore responsible for their own accounting and legal contributions.
  14. The ‘artist’ shall not drink alcohol excessively before, during or after the event. In addition, the ‘artist’ will not use illegal drugs on the day of the event or at the venue itself in any capacity. The ‘artist’ should be aptly attired for their performance in line with agreements made with the ‘client’ prior to the event, and they should remain courteous with the ‘client’, guests and employees of the venue. The ‘artist’ will not act in any manner that is deemed damaging to the reputation of themselves, Mr Bean Entertainments, or the ‘client’.
  15. It is the responsibility of the ‘artist’ to ensure that upon agreeing to the ‘Booking Contract’ they are under no obligation to another party in a manner that may interfere with this booking.
  16. In the event of a dispute or complaint from either party, the issue must be put in writing and forwarded to Mr Bean Entertainments within 7 days. Mr Bean Entertainments will then mediate with the intention of reaching a satisfactory outcome. If the matter cannot be resolved, or an agreement reached, then the ‘client’ and 'artist' should seek legal advice. Mr Bean Entertainments are not responsible for the ‘client’ or ‘artist’ (if not directly linked to Mr Bean Entertainments) and their failures but will attempt to settle all disputes swiftly and satisfactorily.
  17. Complaints arising from arrangements made between the ‘client’ and the ‘artist’ but without consultation of Mr Bean Entertainments should be settled between the ‘client’ and the ‘artist’ exclusively.
  18. Wherever possible the ‘artist’ should utilise any situation as represented to Mr Bean Entertainments and ‘client’, unless the need arises to substitute a performer or equipment due to unforeseen circumstances. Mr Bean Entertainments will have ‘alternative’ performers or equipment ‘on-call’ to cover all eventualities and reserves the right to use one or more of these should the need arise. The ‘artist’ agrees that any ‘alternative’ performers or equipment utilised will have equivalent ability/standards and represent the ‘artist’ to the customary manner in which the ‘artist’ has portrayed themselves to Mr Bean Entertainments and ‘client’.
  19. If a suitable ‘replacement’ performer/equipment is available, the 'artist' or Mr Bean Entertainments will utilise an alternative rather than cancel the booking. A reduction in fee for the use of a ‘replacment’ performer/equipment is not applicable and neither does it constitute grounds for cancellation unless the ‘artist’/equipment being replaced is of significant celebrity.
  20. On occasion, Entertainment/Equipment may be subject to change and this may occur without notice.

Additional Bouncy Castles and Inflatables Terms & Conditions;

Additional Terms & Conditions when hiring our Bouncy Castles/Inflatables OUTSIDE

  • All of our Bouncy castles/Inflatables require a power supply.
  • The area must be grassed (with soft ground beneath for staking).
  • The area must be even and flat.
  • It is down to you to measure the area correctly making sure that your chosen unit fits. You will need to allow space around the unit also in front for safety mats. 
  • You are responsible manning the unit making sure it is used safely and following the disclaimer rules that are given. 
  • In the event of bad weather including Wind & Rain, Mr Bean Entertainments have the right to cancel the booking at ANY time.
  • If wind speeds exceed Beaufort scale 5 (20 MPH) The unit can NOT be used.

AdditionalTerms & Conditions when hiring our Bouncy Castles/Inflatables INSIDE

  • All of our Bouncy castles/Inflatables require a power supply.
  • It is down to you to measure the area correctly (Including Height) making sure that your chosen unit fits. You will need to allow space around the unit also in front for safety mats. 
  • You are responsible manning the unit making sure it is used safely and following the disclaimer rules that are given.