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Our very own Cool Kids’ Disco Show is a considerably sought after event for virtually any celebration in Braintree. Magic Marvo boasts well over 20 years' past experience alongside discos and brings his fun style to The Cool Kids Disco Show.

This is a entertaining jam-packed activity disco theme party show full of games, competitions, party dances, chart hits, prizes, cool lights with snow and bubbles – disco entertainment at its best.

I bring all the equipment and prizes and organise all the details. You only have to supply the cool food and then sit back and watch the children enjoying themselves on their own without the pressure.

Ours is a cool kid’s disco party; it is ideal unique birthday entertainment and is perfect for clubs, holiday centres and all family events.

The disco party show is ideal children's party entertainment at wedding events (especially while having the speeches when the children need to get rid of some pent up energy), at christenings or any kind of family/gatherings etc.

Your own preference of a 1hr event for the very young cool kids or a 1 ½ hour party (thirty minutes of disco, food break following that even more music making ninety minutes in total). You choose the combination you prefer.

Each cool kids will receive a balloon animal to take home with them as well as a pirate/fairy tattoo.

NB: The disco party show is suitable for 4 – 7 year olds.

Kids Disco in Essex.

Looking for party entertainment ideas in Essex? Look no further than our Cool Kids disco show. I have always been a regular visitor to events in Braintree not to mention areas around Essex.

Children’s disco party entertainment will be a fantastic alternative to the Magic Marvo magic act, it makes it possible for the kids to dance and "let off steam" while you rest and enjoy the celebration.

There are lots of disco party games with dances you will remember and want to be part of – this is party entertainment for the whole family.

In order to make the event easier to set up we have exclusively developed disco party invitations and these can be downloaded from the invitations page.